More ‘Shit’ from the ‘NY Times’ — And This Time It Makes Print

By: E&P Staff

Three days before it briefly published the word “shit” for the first time ever — and then scrubbed it — The New York Times, whoops, did it again late Thursday, permitting the word in a new column online by Thomas Friedman. Unlike the previous case, the word ended up in the print edition on Friday.

The word first appeared three days ago on the Times’ site in quoting President Bush’s statement about Syria and Hezballoh, privately passed on Prime Minister Blair at the G8 summit (but picked up by an open microphone).

Now the Friedman column states: “George Bush and Condi Rice need to realize that Syria on its own is not going to press Hezbollah ? in Mr. Bush?s immortal words ? to just ‘stop doing this shit.’ The Bush team needs to convene a coalition of The World of Order. If it won?t, it should let others more capable do the job. We could start with the elder George Bush and Bill Clinton, whose talents could be used for more than just tsunami relief.”

Will the word disappear from the Friedman column on line? Stay tuned.

The earlier use of the word at the Times three days ago did not make print and was replaced on the site the following day by a vague reference to a “vulgarity” — after an article by E&P traced which papers were publishing the word and which ones were not. Many did allow it, at least online. The Washington Post even used it in print.

A search of the Times online archives does not turn up any previous use of the word in its history — although some claim it popped up in one of the transcripts of a Nixon tape during Watergate.

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