Threatens to Back ‘Antiwar’ Candidates — Challenging Other Democrats

By: E&P Press

As the election season heats up this autumn, one unexpected area the press will have to keep an eye on are potential challenges to incumbent Democrats in Congress — from “antiwar” candidates.

This became clear today with a mass mailing from MoveonOrg leadership to its members, offering a poll on whether the group should back challenges to Democrats who have often support President Bush on the war.

The email from group’s Political Action committee, calls the possible targets “a set of weak Democrats who side with the president?especially on Iraq. They’re too scared to fight for what’s right and what they were elected to fight for.

“Should we support primary challengers against some Democrats who side with the president on Iraq? It’s a tough question, and one we need everybody’s input on. Click below to fill out our survey and let us know what you think.”

It continues: “Polls show that a majority of voters everywhere support an exit from Iraq. That means that there isn’t a single Democratic member of Congress whose constituents don’t want to bring our troops home. Representatives who vote with President Bush on Iraq are voting against their districts….

“Why now? There are a lot of Democrats in Congress who are Democrats In Name Only (DINOs)?they don’t represent their constituents, a lot of them have been in office for years and they think that they can vote however they want. That’s just wrong. Their job is to represent their constituents.

“Back in January, many of us were excited about the new Democratic Congress and all the progress we could make. And together, we have made real progress on minimum wage, children’s health care and even renewable energy.

“But in some critical issue areas the Democrats have failed us?usually because too many of them were afraid to fight. Just last month, Congress capitulated to President Bush and politics of fear over wiretapping. And we’ve all been disappointed and frustrated by the way Iraq policy has been handled.

“We have to work together to make sure that Democrats are held accountable to their voters. But the question is, should we use primary challenges as a way to hold them accountable? This is a really big decision, and we need your input before we go forward.”

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