Muller Martini’s Alegro Grows Among North America’s Top Print Manufacturers

By: Press Release | Muller Martini

Categorized as “the world’s first and only completely automated perfect binding solution,” the Alegro has enjoyed the most successful launch of any new perfect binder in Muller Martini’s history. It was first introduced at drupa 2012 and has over 45 installations worldwide. Most recently, a significant number of North American print manufacturers have selected the Alegro as their perfect binder of choice, with eight new installations happening within the past 18 months.

The machine exemplifies Muller Martini’s new engineering platform as it provides the foundation for a wide range of add-on components or workstations. Since each Alegro component is servo-driven, they can be individually controlled without the need for line shafts or chain drives. That translates into more reliable and consistent performance throughout the life of the machine. What’s more, the Alegro can be re-configured to handle additional capabilities without having to dismantle the entire machine—eliminating what was once a highly cost-prohibitive undertaking.

Another key reason for the Alegro’s continued popularity is that the market for perfect bound products is changing. Runs for traditional offset are growing smaller while digital printing is on the rise and requires the right finishing technology. And not only does every job need to be processed efficiently and cost-effectively, it’s essential to provide customers with an expanding range of finishing applications, including personalization.

The Alegro perfect binder meets these diverse demands and enables the shortest job processing times for increased profitability, while forming the basis for a wide range of applications that can accommodate special sizes and production methods. Other benefits include:

•    Fastest make-ready in class. The Alegro perfect binding line can be changed over among softcover, hardcover and digital production in record time. Plus, fine adjustments can be made even while the machine is running.
•    Maximum productivity. Motion Control Technology reduces the processing time of each job, lowering costs and generating additional production capacity.
•    Quality right from the start. The binder’s digital print capabilities ensure that the first book off is a sellable, quality product
•    Timesaving access. The Alegro’s centralized control concept allows operators complete access to the entire binding line from one location.
•    Easy, low-cost maintenance. With 70% fewer chains and the elimination of the line shaft and complicated gearboxes, there is less wear and tear, fewer spare parts, and lower maintenance requirements and costs.
•    Future-oriented design ensures investment protection. A modular design affords unprecedented versatility to change the binder’s configuration to easily adapt to changing customer demands.

Remarked Carrington Herbert, Vice President of Sales, Muller Martini North America, “With the Alegro perfect binder, our customers are well-equipped to handle both offset and digital printing. Its servo-driven design means that each station is controlled individually, thereby optimizing workflow, reducing set-ups and cost-effectively enabling future capabilities. It’s Muller’s investment protection promise at its finest. And this recent surge in Alegro installations reflects a market that anticipates future opportunities for growth.

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