Murdoch ‘Amused’ at Being Subject of ‘Doonesbury’ Satire

By: Dave Astor

What does the owner of Fox News and the New York Post think about getting tweaked in yesterday’s “Doonesbury”?

“Rupert Murdoch said he was amused by it,” Howard Rubenstein, spokesman for the media magnate, told E&P this morning.

In the July 19 comic, radio host Mark Slackmeyer is shown interviewing Murdoch about “Outfoxed,” the new documentary critical of the TV network. Slackmeyer says: “Mr. M, the film shows in detail how Fox News has effectively become the broadcast arm of the Bush White House.” Murdoch replies: “Well, that’s right, Mark. No administration has ever had its own network before. We saw a need.” Slackmeyer: “Amazing. Where’d you get the idea?” Murdoch: “Well, I own media in China.” Slackmeyer: “Say no more!”

Garry Trudeau — whose Universal Press Syndicate feature runs in more than 1,400 papers — continued the theme in today’s “Doonesbury” comic. In that strip, Slackmeyer says: “Mr. Murdoch, the new film ‘Outfoxed’ shows how your political agenda drives Fox News. Far from being ‘fair and balanced,’ the network places ideology ahead of everything, including the truth. Any comment?” Murdoch: “You don’t work for me, do you?” Slackmeyer: “No, I lied.”

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