Murdoch Apologizes To Amanpour


(AP) Media magnate Rupert Murdoch personally apologized to CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour for a New York Post column that called her an insulting name.

Murdoch’s apology came after Amanpour, who has been reporting from Pakistan, sent a letter of complaint about an Andrea Peyser column in the Post that described her as “CNN war slut.” Murdoch spokesman Howard Rubenstein said Wednesday that he would not comment further on the exchange.

The New York Observer, which first reported the apology Wednesday, said that Amanpour had confirmed Murdoch’s mea culpa in an e-mail to the weekly newspaper.

“While I would not like to reveal details of my correspondence with Mr. Murdoch, I will say I was entirely satisfied with his reaction to the highly inappropriate, vulgar language … used to describe me,” Amanpour told the Observer.

In his apology, Murdoch said he was sorry about the comment but that he did not control the content of Post columns. He also pointed out that CNN founder Ted Turner had often said worse about him, the Observer said.

In 1996, Turner compared Murdoch with Adolf Hitler by saying that “like the late fuhrer, he controls the media for his own personal benefit.”

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