N.Y. ‘Daily News’ Humor Columnist to be Syndicated

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By: Dave Astor

Lenore Skenazy’s column in New York’s Daily News will be distributed by Creators Syndicate beginning Jan. 1.

Creators President Rick Newcombe said his syndicate sped up its effort to sign Skenazy after Dave Barry announced he was taking an indefinite leave of absence starting in January. Skenazy told E&P she often takes a humorous approach in her column as she “veers between playing off the news and pop-culture topics.” The Chicago-born/Manhattan-based writer also addresses the offbeat aspects of everyday life, parenting, and other subjects.

In one post-election column, Skenazy joked about misreading a “Public Parking” sign as a “Republican Parking” sign. She has also offered election-day pickup lines (“buy you a vote?”), asked why people will eat anything if you put it out at work, tweaked a chips manufacturer for trying to market its products as an alternative to Halloween candy, lamented the return of the poncho, and admitted she’s frequently erred in predicting trends (“Sushi? Who’s going to eat raw fish?” and “Why are they putting music on TV?”).

Skenazy’s column has already appeared in other papers via Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. She writes twice a week for the Daily News; Creators will syndicate one of those 500-word columns each week.

The award-winning Skenazy joined the Daily News in 1993, and worked as a feature writer there before starting her column in 2000. She has also written for Mad magazine, currently serves as a commentator for National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” and is co-author (with James Boswell) of the just-published “Dysfunctional Family Christmas Songbook” from Broadway/Random House.

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