‘N.Y. Times’ Declares ‘Curse of Limbaugh’ — on Mike Piazza?

By: E&P Staff

A lot of reasons have been suggested in the sports pages for star New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza’s mysterious career plunge since last year, including his advancing years, a new healthy food diet, bachelorhood, then marriage. Now The New York Times has come up with a new one: The Curse of the Limbaugh.

On Tuesday, before a game in Atlanta, Piazza spotted radio talk show icon Rush Limbaugh in the front row, according to published reports. Piazza halted his pre-game stretching to walk over and meet his hero, whom he asked him to sign a baseball for the catcher’s brother, Vincent, who is a local GOP leader back in Pennsylvania.

“It was like meeting American royalty,” raved Piazza, comparing meeting Limbaugh to meeting George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, or the Pope.

On Thursday, The New York Times’ Lee Jenkins, in the midst of a standard account of another Mets’ loss, observed that since meeting Limbaugh, “Piazza went 0 for 9 with six strikeouts and hit into a double play.”

He added: “The Curse of the Limbaugh was in full effect Wednesday, as Piazza also bounced four throws on attempted stolen bases.” The Mets lost all three games in Atlanta, failing to score a single run in he past two games.

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