National Ads for High School Papers

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By: Jennifer Saba

Companies hankering to make contact with teens have the option of placing national print ads in high school newspapers. Campus Media Group, an agency that specializes in high school and college marketing, claims national advertisers can now run ads in a more consistent and professional manner.

Other companies have sought to bring national advertising to high school publications, said Thomas Borgerding, president of Campus Media. “We are the first company that partnered with a printer” of many student newspapers, he explained.

Borgerding’s company teamed up with J&S Printing, which prints newspapers for 1,500 high schools nationwide. Companies interested in running an ad through the network, like AT&T Wireless recently did, contact Campus Media to make the buy. Currently the company is selling a full-page, black-and-white ad for back page placement for $300 net per paper. Campus Media acts as the middleman, handing the ad over to J&S for printing. The company running the ad pays Campus, which takes a cut. Campus pays J&S, which also takes a cut before handing over the money (or a printing discount) to the high school.

Borgerding said that food and beverage, insurance and automotive companies as well as colleges and universities have expressed interest in the network. However, they will not accept alcohol or tobacco ads, marketing for R-rated movies, or anything else too risque. “We’re being very conservative to the types of advertising we’re taking on. We’re sensitive to the age group that we’re working with,” Borgerding said.

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