Need for Newspapers to Focus on Youth Nothing New — Here Is Warning from 50 Years Ago

By: E&P Staff

Think that worries about newspapers losing young readers — and the need to reach out to them — is mainly a post-Web phenomenon? Think again.

From the April 6, 1957 edition of venerable E&P comes the following news item.

Newspapers should be edited more with young people in mind, a vicepresident and creative specialist of J. Walter Thompson Co. told the Newspaper Representatives Assn. of Chicago.

“We know,” said the advertising agency executive, Norton O’Meara of Chicago, “from the way the population curve is running, we’ve got to cultivate those youngsters on behalf of our clients if we want to do a thriving business in the years ahead.

“And it’s fair guess that a lot of your newspaper vitality could well depend upon your doing the same thing.”

Many newspapers, he noted, already have special editors for teenagers, special columns, teenage fashion features, stories supporting the Junior Achievement programs, and others.

“Probably,” said Mr. O’Meara, “still other activities and services and features may emerge as the experts of your busienss put their heads together over the problem.”

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