Nela Supports CTP Sites in Brazil

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By: E&P Staff

Nela, in Oakdale, Minn., is providing punch-bending equipment to Brazil’s regional Zero Hora and national O Globo for their CTP conversions and plant expansions.

O Globo will install five optical punch-benders with multi-variable cut-offs (VCP-M) for its manroland press. The VCP-Ms connect to five Agfa Polaris platesetters, which will replace imagesetters.

To handle volume that reaches 80,000 plates per month, Nela will install two 20-bin plate-stacking systems. The complete line will punch, bend and sort plates in a manner such that press operators need only to pick them out of the bins and hang them on the cylinder.

To be installed in the first quarter of 2009, the equipment will be able to handle 1,200 single plates per hour.

Zero Hora, in Porto Alegre, recently installed a new press in a new plant. As part of the modernization, the large daily sought automated, efficient plate production. Next year, Nela will install two inline VCP-M punch-benders to prepare plates for a new Wifag press and an existing Goss press. Each multi-variable VCP-M can punch and bend plates for both presses, enabling faster production. Plates will be automatically delivered to the quiet room for convenient retrieval.

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