New BasysPrint UV-Setters From Punch Graphix

By: E&P Staff

Punch Graphix has introduced four- and eight-page basysPrint UV-Setter models, which the Belgian company will demonstrate in late May at the Drupa trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Punch Graphix expanded its line of ultraviolet platesetters to take advantage of what it calls “the growing demand for computer-to-conventional-plate systems.” Newspapers using the systems can continue to use conventional, less-expensive UV-sensitive offset plates.

The new UV-Setter 400 and UV-Setter 800 come in various levels of automation, from manual to fully automatic. Automation modules can be retrofitted on installed units at a later date.

The Single Cassette Automation (SCA) version holds up to 100 plates of a particular format in a storage cassette. Additional plate formats can be introduced by adding trolleys, and the SCA version can be expanded to a multi-cassette version.

The Multi-Cassette Automation (MCA) version holds up to 500 plates in up to five different plate formats and automatically supplies the required format for exposure.

Both the SCA and MCA versions have fully automatic slipsheet removal; automatic punching is optional. In addition, the different versions can be used to expose plates of different formats simultaneously.

According to the company, basysPrint’s square pixels “provide for exact reproduction of the image pixels on the plate, while the optimum ink-water balance achieved by the plate itself guarantees edge-sharp transfer onto the substrate. Unbaked negative plates achieve run lengths of 400,000 and more. With a positive plate, this figure can be boosted to over 1.5 million impressions.”

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