New ‘Dilbert’ Site to Sell Original Comics and Slide Show

By: E&P Staff

Cartoonist Scott Adams is doing a soft launch of a new Web site that will sell framed originals of his “Dilbert” comic and a “Dilbert” slide show for business events.

“This is a separate Web site from because it?s my own business,” Adams wrote today on his blog. “ is operated by my comic-syndication company, United Media. will be referring traffic to once I get the wrinkles ironed out.”

Original “Dilbert” comics are relatively rare. Adams explained: “For the past few years, I have drawn ‘Dilbert’ directly to the computer, so there will be no new originals. For the first 10 years or so, I used a water-based ink for my originals, and those would fade in direct light, so they can’t be sold unless I solve that problem. The only ‘Dilbert’ originals suitable for sale are the ones created during a certain window when I used a permanent ink.”

The cartoonist framed a few of those strips, signed them with a drawing of Dogbert, and included in the frame a smaller finished version of the comic as it ran in newspapers. “The originals are in pencil, with only the outside panels and the drawings inked over,” he said. “The text was later completed on the computer so it shows up as pencil on the original. The price is $1,500.”

Adams added: “The target market includes serious comic art collectors, people with too much money, and art investors who think I don?t seem healthy.”

The slide show, which includes color “Dilbert” comics, lasts about an hour. It ships on a CD (for Windows) and costs $800 for a license to use at a particular event.

“Dilbert” runs in more than 2,000 newspapers via United.

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