NEW FEATURE: Best from Newspaper Web Sites for Tuesday

By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Segway Rides Gas Hike, Gains Scooter Converts
Wall Street Journal Online
Reported by Paul Lin

The much-beleaguered Segway is back — and it’s on a roll. When this motorized two-wheel personal vehicle was launched in 2001, it was criticized as being a $5,000 toy suitable only for tech junkies. But given today’s economy and sky-high gas prices, the Segway — which runs on a rechargeable battery — is quickly gaining fans. In this casual and giggle-worthy two-minute web video, reporter Paul Lin chats with Segway instructor and advocate Itsi Atkins. Set to the music of an accordion, Atkins takes passersby for a ride and Lin steps up to go for a spin of his own. To get directly to the video, click this link.

The Wall Street Journal also ran a related article called “Segway Glides as Gasoline Jumps” that takes a closer look at the rise of this quirky balance-based personal vehicle. To read Stu Woo’s story, click here.

Telnaes Animations
Washington Post Online

If you’ve never checked out Ann Telnaes’ animations at the’s Opinions section, now’s a good time to start. Her most recent animated editorial cartoon — starring none other than President Bush — was posted yesterday and is certainly worth a click. It’s a short animation but in this case, less is more. Take a look for yourself by clicking here.

If you liked yesterday’s cartoon, go ahead and browse the archives of this Pulitzer Prize-winner’s witty editorial animations.

Eye on Earth
Washington Post Online
Edited and produced by Christine Stoddard
Pictures provided by various photographers

Another Washington Post web piece that deserves props is a photo slideshow called “Eye on Earth.” Viewers take a virtual trip around the world and catch a glimpse of the earth’s ever-changing environment. The photo essay is an easy and fluid marriage of pictures by various photographers. The highlights of this 24-photo slideshow include the disturbingly dense garbage dump on a seafront in Lebanon, the aerial view of a flood near the Magdalena River in Colombia, a blue-algae outbreak in China’s fifth-largest body of fresh water, and last but not least, the candid photo of Florida Gov. Chuck Crist releasing an obviously anxious sea turtle into the Florida Keys. Check it out here.

Woman Tries to Sell Tigers Outside Wal-Mart
USA Today (video by AP)

One woman + six tiger cubs + one poorly executed smuggling scheme = one heck of a story. Check out this short AP web video available on USA Today’s Web site here.

Watch as police arrest a Texas woman accused of trying to smuggle the cubs into Mexico, allegedly with the intent to sell the cats for a total of more than $20,000. Animal lovers can relax — all six of the cubs are safe and sound at a nearby zoo.

Nuclear Daisy Ad-Maker, Tony Schwartz
Chicago Tribune’s “The Swamp”
Posted by Andrew Malcolm

Check out this famous black-and-white “Elect Lyndon Johnson daisy ad” created by Tony Schwartz (who passed away last weekend at age 84). To watch the controversial anti-war television ad, click this link and then scroll down to the header “Nuclear Daisy Ad-Maker, Tony Schwartz.” It’s worth the watch.
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