NEW FEATURE: Best from Newspaper Web Sites for Wednesday

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By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Here are today’s picks in our scan around the Web looking for compelling and creative approaches …

Eager Couples Flock to County Clerk’s Office
San Francisco Chronicle (online at SFGate)
Video by Carlos Avila Gonzalez and Christina Izzo

In this smartly crafted, time-lapsed video, you can be a fly on the wall in San Francisco’s City Hall during the first full day of same-sex marriage in California. Gonzalez and Izzo appear to have set up a camera in City Hall and let it run all day, then edited and sped up the footage to create a nearly two-minute glimpse of people flocking to fulfill their “nuptual dreams.” Check out the video here.

Also, take a look at the related article by clicking this link and enjoy a colorful story on same-sex marriage in California.

Storm Shortens Dallas Cowboys Minicamp Practice
Dallas Morning News
Video by John F. Rhodes

You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate this one-minute video starring Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and a fiercely ominous storm. Rhodes’ editing of the footage is what makes this video clickworthy — though crackling thunder and howling winds are always a blast to watch (from the safety of your computer screen).

Goat Weed Mitigation
Denver Post
Video by Lyn Alveis and Erik Lutzens

In this three-minute video, viewers get up close and personal with — goats. And these aren’t just any kind of goats, they’re weed-eating goats. The animals appearing in this video are lending their teeth and tummies to the cause of restoring Prairie grasses in James A. Bible Park in Denver, Colo. This is a win-win situation: the goats prefer the weeds to the grasses, the Park is naturally restored, and neighbors have a chance to visit goats like the lovable Sweet Pea. To check it out, click here, scroll down to the video player, and select the video called “Goat Weed Mitigation.”

Documentary Looks at Steroid Use
Los Angeles Times
Video provided by CNN

This two-minute video is rightfully re-posted on the L.A. Times Web site as it’s certainly worth watching. The video gives the viewer a taste of a documentary called “Bigger Stronger Faster” which takes a look at steroid use in one American family. The clips from the documentary are honest and, with images of unimaginably bulging muscles, tales of depression, and insight into the non-medicinal use of steroids, the video offers a dose of what the documentary will likely serve up: a compelling look at steroid use today. To check it out, click this link, scroll down to the video player, and select the video called “Documentary Looks at Steroid Use.”

Down the Aisle, Over to Fenway
Boston Globe
Video by Scott La Pierre and Chona Camomot

The newlywed appearing in this Web video proves that hot dogs and beer can go hand-in-hand with a wedding dress — though maybe not on the actual big day. This short video follows a peppy woman as she has her photo taken in unconventional locations in Boston. With the wedding day behind her, she’s not worried about getting a little ketchup, mustard, or dirt on her dress — which is oddly amusing to watch. Click this link to watch the video.

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