New Feature: BEST OF THE WEB for Monday

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By: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Today we introduce a regular new daily feature, highlighting some of the most compelling and/or creative Web stories or packages at newspaper site.

“Illegal Dumping in South Los Angeles”
Los Angeles Times
Web video
Take a drive down South Los Angeles’ trash-laden Wadsworth Avenue and get a front-seat look at the illegal dumping that plagues many of the area’s alleyways. This three-minute web video — featuring broken mattresses, dead dogs, refrigerators, and rats — takes a look at the issue of illegal dumping and describes what community leaders and residents are doing to tackle the problem, and the stench. You can find it in the list of videos on the main video page here.

“The Hellish Aftermath of War”
New Jersey Star-Ledger online, at
Web video by Wayne Woolley
This graphic and poignant piece takes the viewer back four years ago to when Army National Guard sergeant Carl Oliver headed up a two-vehicle convoy that was ambushed in Sadr City, Iraq. Oliver, the sole survivor of the attack, recounts those fatal moments and haltingly describes life after losing two close friends in the ambush. Wayne Wooley’s combined use of photo and video builds a compelling rhythm to the story, making use of pictures from the Trenton Times, the Star-Ledger, and Reuters. Go here to check it out.

“Fighting AIDS in Vietnam”
Audio slideshow by Steve McCurry
Photographer Steve McCurry captures life and death in this two-minute audio slideshow featuring Vietnamese men and women who suffer from AIDS. His narration is conversational and his photos bring the viewer into the homes and minds of his main characters. The slideshow — which depicts depression, hope, family, and loss — is a vivid snapshot of McCurry’s work documenting the effects of the disease.

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