NEW FEATURE: Your Nightly ‘E&P’ Video — Today’s Pick, a Springsteen Rarity (1972)

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By: Greg Mitchell

Whether you are still at the office trying to meet a late deadline, or merely working/relaxing/wasting time at home, we thought you might enjoy a little break every night with a short video. Sure, you could search for one yourself, but we figured we’d just help you out a little with our own selection.

So watch this space every night or early morning (if we ascertain that many of you actually care). We will post mainly music videos but also some newsy stuff. You can send along your own picks to the address below, and various E&P staffers will also make their own picks.

If you like this idea, please let us know. Perhaps we will feature the Rolling Stones’ “Yesterday’s Papers.”

Our second offering (following U2-meets-Leonard Cohen) is a true 1972 rarity: Bruce Springsteen, before he was signed by Columbia to his first recording contract, performing “Growin’ Up,” which would appear on his debut album “Greetings from Asbury Park” several months later. I believe (as a former insider) that this was filmed as part of his tryout for legendary producer John Hammond, when Bruce was considered another in a long line of acoustic “New Dylans.” Only much later did he, as he used to say, “bring up the band.”

Here’s the link

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