New Flexo Plate Analyzer from Sibress

By: E&P Staff

Sibress, Vahrn, Italy, has introduced FlexoControl, a convenient analyzer for end-to-end quality assurance and analyses of flexo platemaking parameters. FlexoControl was developed for fast, precise measuring of plates and film.

The portable analyzer measures all halftones on flexo plates with resolutions of 80 to 216 lpi and monitors individual printing dots, barcode line thicknesses, line pairs, etc. A light box with an integrated power supply is included.

The FlexoControl is connected to a desktop or notebook PC (Windows 7, Vista, XP) with a 2-meter-long USB cable and powered from the computer via the USB2 port. The plate surface is captured using a special camera equipped with a 1.3-megapixel sensor. In conjunction with the Versatile@flex software, FlexoControl provides repeatability of +/-0.5%.

Dots in the active image area (approx. 3×3 mm) can be analyzed and evaluated in a few seconds. All important parameters, such as dot gain, screen ruling, dot diameter and size or angle are visible at a glance. The software presents the results of measurement series in charts and as characteristic curves. Images and graphic representations of measured values can be archived and later reloaded for in-depth analyses or statistical evaluations.

Together with an optional laser-etched calibration target comprised of nine ultra-precise screen patches, auto-calibration yields accurate analyses over a long period of time, saving the recurring expense of calibration by an external vendor. Test records of fully automatic recalibration also can be stored for reference.

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