New Flexo Plate, Cushion, Platesetter Coming from MacDermid

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By: E&P Staff

Atlanta-based Macdermid Printing Solutions said it will test its NAPPflex III flexo plates “at several U.S. customer sites over the next few weeks.” The thinner, higher-resolution plates are designed to offer improved print performance and greater imaging and processing efficiencies.

The company also announced it is developing a high-density cushion to complement the NAPPflexo III plate.

Macdermid further reported that it recently installed the first NAPPflex CTP unit with manual loading at a customer site in Italy, where it is used to verify the capabilities of the NAPPflex laser plate and assess MacDermid flexo CTP technology.

Early this year the platesetter will be replaced with an automatic-loading unit that also will have wider scan optics for faster imaging, which, depending on plate size and thickness, will image 120 to 150 plates per hour. Manual-loading versions will image 80 plates per hour. A conveyor will transport plates from the CTP units to existing NAPPflex processors.

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