New InDesign, XPress Add-ons from XChange UK

By: E&P Staff

London-based XChange UK and have announced CopyFit Desktop for InDesign CS4, a software module for Adobe InDesign that detects and remedies overset or underset text in any InDesign document, and FullMeasure XT for QuarkXPress 8, a control palette that gives users instant access to more than 160 functions, attributes and tools.

CopyFit modifies overset text within a box using a set of attribute parameters (point size, scaling, leading, etc.) as a guide. All the user-definable parameters can also be changed to specify the order in which they are applied.

CopyFit settings can be defined and stored as sets. Each box in a layout can be tagged with its own set of unique CopyFit settings, and the tagged boxes can be copyfit at any time. Settings and operations are controlled via the CopyFit palette. CopyFit can work interactively on one box or can process an entire document with one click.

Besides extensively controlling copyfit parameter selection, a user can choose from several predefined “fit styles,” which can simulate almost any copyfitting methodology. By selecting the appropriate style, a designer can programmatically mimic the steps taken to copyfit a box manually, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and consistent result.

CopyFit also can be configured to automatically check for overset conditions during save, print, or save-as-EPS operations, prompting the user when flagged conditions are detected.

The FullMeasure strip is organized into 12 panels that comprise text and paragraph formats, rule settings, picture information, item and frame settings, document preferences, table functions, guide management, item alignments, search tools and value conversions.

Users can view and change dozens of attributes without traveling through menus, opening dialogues or dealing with palette-cluttered screens. It may be configured to be context-sensitive, with its panels switching automatically to show only information relevant to the current selection. A user also can access tools otherwise unavailable in XPress, such as box reference points, functions for redefining style sheets, character and paragraph count, nudge controls, complete picture information, keyboard shortcuts.

CopyFit Desktop for InDesign CS4 (and earlier versions of InDesign) and FullMeasure XT are available electronically through XChange UK or

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