New Media Professionals Expect Tablets to Transform the Internet and Traditional Businesses

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By: Press Release | PRWeb

Austin, TX (PRWEB) — A recent survey conducted by DigiCareers among more than 250 new media professionals reveals that tablets will be transformational — helping to reshape the magazine business (81%), fundamentally impacting how individuals use the Internet (81%), and transforming the newspaper business (78%).

Today, nearly six in ten new media professionals believe tablets deliver a unique advertising experience (58%), and will help transform the advertising business (61%).

“It is vitally important to understand the attitudes and opinions regarding tablets among new media professionals who make their living within the ecommerce, online advertising, and digital world,” said Mike Carroll, Director of Sales and Marketing for DigiCareers. “This forward-looking audience has the ability to define and deliver new paradigms for interactivity, information consumption, and entertainment impacting nearly every consumer and business,” said Carroll.

In the next five years, new media professionals believe tablets will deliver the best user (61%) and advertising (41%) experience surpassing television, computers, smartphones, and game consoles. Yet despite the expectations for a superior experience, participants believe television will continue to garner the majority of advertising dollars within the next five years.

“While the future is bright for tablets, there is clearly work to be done as more than one-third of new media professionals (36%) perceive tablets as ‘easy to use, reduced functionality computers’,” said Carroll. “Perhaps this is why only three in ten (29%) new media professionals believe tablets will replace laptops in the next five years,” said Carroll.

Nonetheless, 43% of surveyed new media professionals believe tablets ‘occupy their own space among devices,’ including computers, televisions, and smartphones, to create brand new solutions to existing and yet-unknown challenges.

The survey was conducted in November, 2011 among more than 250 new media professionals. The collected data possess an aggregate data tolerance of +/- 6.1%.

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