New ‘Mexia News’ Plant Runs Kodak CTP Solutions

By: E&P Staff

The Mexia (Texas) News installed prepress hardware and software from Kodak for the printing plant built last year.

In fall, the News added a Kodak Trendsetter News thermal platesetter outputting Kodak PF-N non-process plates and using Kodak’s Prinergy Evo custom-configurable PDF workflow system and Preps imposition software, a fully automated solution that helps cut labor and materials costs.

“The fact that Kodak offered a non process solution was the key in our decision-making process,” owner Jim Moser said in a statement. “For us, just getting started and not having to deal with chemicals was a huge plus,” he said, noting also the equipment’s “minimal footprint” in the new facility.

The Trendsetter News images from a standard file format interface for newspaper production systems and is available with semi-automatic or fully automated plate loading and unloading. The PF-N plate provides resolution, reliability, and accuracy with no need for a processor.

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