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By: E&P Staff

Based in Hamburg, Germany, where it will present concepts for e-readers and app development at the IfraExpo, Oct. 4-6, ppi Media has announced developments in its publishing solutions, products for cross-media ad reservation and, in conjunction with Digital Collections, a streamlined solution for elementary editing in the editorial department.

A new “simple solution for editorial work,” ppi’s ContentLink was designed with Digital Collections’ DC-X CMS and Adobe Systems’ InDesign as a cost-effective product that concentrates on essential features to facilitate learning and require less administration.

Savink, ppi’s second new product, is also a solution Web application for saving ink in PDF files.

The number-one ppi product for many years, PlanPag is now in Version 5.0, with a customizable graphical user interface and new functions that include planning magazine-like products. Ads and editorial content in the bleed can then be produced across the entire ppi workflow.

AdX, ppi’s solution for cross-media ad reservation, is now interfaced to the SAP IS-M/AM ad-booking system. On a central AdX screen, space in print, online or mobile can be requested, and the most important SAP booking data entered in clear masks. After ads have been entered and reserved, the booking system sends pricing to AdX, where it is then available for customer viewing.

For the pressroom, ppi’s printnet OM output management system has been enhanced with functions for manroland’s Automated Plate Loading, as well as IT services introduced earlier this year.

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