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By: Press Release

Green Shoot Media has released five new sections to help newspapers drive advertising revenue this spring.

From automobiles to wine, these fully designed special sections are all built to target specific types of advertisers. They follow Green Shoot’s philosophy of producing highly targeted, magazine-like content that fills a “niche within a niche,” something that appeals to readers and advertisers alike.

The new sections include:

WINE GUIDE: Packed with tips and advice on choosing and serving wine, this section helps newspapers reach out to restaurants, liquor stores and thousands of wineries that have recently opened across America.

TRUCKS: Pickup trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in the nation. The new Trucks section helps papers target this profitable niche with stories about buying and customizing pickups.

HOME & GARDEN: A new Home & Garden section for spring 2013 offers advice and information on getting your yard, garden and house in tip-top shape.

CAR CARE: April is National Car Care Month, and this section arrives just in time to help readers get their cars in good shape for the spring and summer.

REAL ESTATE: Now available as a quarterly section, the newest real estate product from Green Shoot Media is all about making your dream home a reality.

Samples and pricing for each section can be found online at

Each section is comprised of seven pages of content, plus tab and broadsheet cover designs. They include the InDesign pages, ready-to-print PDFs, articles and photos that make it easy on the newspaper’s production staff.

For more information, call 256-275-4333, visit, or e-mail

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