New Universal Brochure Ideologically Categorizes Commentators

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By: E&P Staff

Universal Press Syndicate has posted a printable brochure on its Web site that includes the political leanings of its opinion columnists and editorial cartoonists.

Ted Rall and Lalo Alcaraz are categorized as the most liberal, and Ann Coulter and Maggie Gallagher as the most conservative. Three other categories include creators who are liberal-leaning, centrist, and conservative-leaning.

The “Pundit Palooza” brochure also offers a lot of other information — including added descriptions of the features, the frequency of the columns and cartoons, where the creators are based, and whether they’ve won a Pulitzer Prize.

Universal’s brochure can be seen here.

A March 13 E&P story about the pros and cons of Creators Syndicate ideologically labeling its opinion columnists can be seen here.

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