New Zealand Press Association Signs for DTI ContentPublisher

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By: E&P Staff

Digital Technology International has signed an agreement to supply the New Zealand Press Association with DTI ContentPublisher.

DTI’s first customer in New Zealand, the national news agency required a single multimedia solution to fully exploit Internet advantages and opportunities for developing news products, expanding multimedia news operations and maximizing productivity by automating news editing and delivery to commercial customers and to news and image Web sites.

ContentPublisher also will “enable us to create new products and services,” NZPA Commercial Services Manager Simon Randall said in a statement.

The newsroom at the 130-year-old NZPA processes thousands of pieces of information every 24 hours, compiled from its 35 staffers, a network of stringers, overseas wires and other sources, such as the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

DTI ContentPublisher is a suite of software tools that facilitate a modern newsroom’s needs, from budgeting, content creation, wire, blogs, picture management and automated pagination, to digital publishing to the Web, mobile and SMS. It manages the flow of content from a full spectrum of news sources, including local and remote writers, citizen journalists, and media contributors to any platform. At its heart is a high-performance, multi-dimensional Cache object database from InterSystems.

Owned by and serving the country’s daily newspapers, NZPA also supplies news and news packages to broadcasters, Web sites and commercial clients, as welll as a range of media-monitoring and press release distribution services to corporate and government clients.

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