News Lover Donates Papers

By: E&P Staff

By Jenn Vanriper, The Leader-Post

Dave Kramer said his father, a Leader-Post subscriber for nearly 60 years, always checked the obituaries first to see if he was in there when he read the paper.

“To see if he was alive or dead,” Kramer laughed, adding that his father was always a funny man.

Vernon Kramer, a veteran of the Second World War, spent the last four years living at the Wascana Rehab Centre before he passed away recently. He had his subscription transferred to the centre when he moved there.

Kramer said his father would pass his newspapers along to several other people in his ward that couldn’t afford the subscription.

“He was almost 96 years old, so he died of a good, ripe old age,” said Kramer.

In September, Kramer had renewed his father’s subscription. He described his father as a very methodical, detail-oriented man who knew what needed to be done, even after he died.

“So I asked him ‘what should I do with your subscription?’ ” remembered Kramer.

His father recalled reading about Newspapers in Education (NIE) and wanted his subscription to be donated to the program after he died.

“He knew the value of reading,” said Kramer. “He was not an Internet person — he liked the paper as a physical thing.”

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