News Media Alliance Launches Campaign to Support Real News

The News Media Alliance today announced the launch of a national campaign focused on combatting the increasing prevalence of fake news. The campaign, Support Real News, shines a light on the harm to the public caused by fake news and the importance of real news produced by respected, trusted news organizations employing high-quality, investigative journalists.

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One thought on “News Media Alliance Launches Campaign to Support Real News

  • March 29, 2017 at 9:13 am

    and who’s going to be the arbiter elegantiarum, pray? today’s mainstream media journalists? they meet this definition: reporters are people who cover events, journalists are people who think THEY are the events … sure, this fake news business is getting out of hand … for example: cia’s wrongdoings (under obama, btw) are major headlines, bill clinton’s regular income in millions of dollars from russia while his wife was secretary of state is not … if you are going to cover this strange discrepancy, you deserve a few minutes worth of attention … if it’s political correctness and youer accepted views (accepted by you, that is), then, alas, your effort is going to be wasted … might as well go and find yourselves meaningful jobs …


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