News Organizations to Highlight Most Threatened Journalists

A coalition of more than a dozen global news organizations, including The Associated Press, The Financial Times and Reuters, will spotlight the world’s most threatened journalists in a new freedom of speech initiative, the group announced Friday in New York.


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One thought on “News Organizations to Highlight Most Threatened Journalists

  • March 15, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Right or wrong certain actions have consequences and that is the reality of journalism today. Fairness has nothing to do with the ugly environment some journalists find themselves in. Attacks from verbal, written and physical show no signs of decreasing. I suspect journalists need to be more prudent and more aware of what is reported and how the story is told. Too often I see and hear comments made by journalists that are so inflammatory and personally biased it is no wonder the push-back is so great at times. Often I think could the story have been told in a more professional manner?


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