Newsonomics: Are Ads on Top News Sites Worth More? A New Study Says Yes

What’s the difference between The New York Times, and, say, DNAInfo New York? Maybe about $20.

The Times, along with outlets like ESPN, Hearst, Discovery Communications, Gannett, Slate, and ABC, all consider themselves “premium” media. That means they can charge advertisers “premium prices,” as compared to the great mass of news and entertainment sites out there, like a DNAInfo, a site covering local news across New York City’s five boroughs. That $20 or so difference is how much more the Times can charge for access to each thousand of its readers (a cost-per-thousand rate, or CPM) as compared to lesser-branded sites. It’s just an approximation but it holds true across major media: Big branded media companies believe that the “context” they provide and their “quality audiences” justifies higher-than-average rates.

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