Newspaper Comic Polls Spoofed in Richard Thompson Cartoon

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By: E&P Staff

Richard Thompson spoofed newspaper comic polls in his latest “Richard’s Poor Almanack” cartoon for The Washington Post.

It includes boxes for survey respondents to check that include lines like: “Even the mildest attempt at humor offends me deeply, yet I demand to be entertained.”

Thompson also refers to the way the “For Better or For Worse” strip is jumping back and forth in time with this comment: “The Pattersons time-travel back to the ’70s where they battle THEMSELVES.”

The cartoon — which can be seen here — was mentioned on Mike Rhode’s ComicsDC blog.

Thompson also does the “Cul de Sac” comic strip distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.

A story about the pros and cons of newspaper comic polls appeared in E&P’s September 2007 issue.

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