Newspaper Readership is Still Making Headlines in Canada

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By: Press Release | NADbank

Canadian newspapers continue to be read by nearly 8 out of 10 adults each week. They have maintained loyal readers in print and at their websites. Changes in technology continue to affect reading habits; readership is now a combination of printed editions and news from websites. Over half of Canadian adults 18+ living in markets where daily newspapers are available read either a printed edition or visited a newspaper website every day. Printed editions are still the primary choice for newspaper readers, 73% of adults read a printed edition every week, and 46% each weekday.

In markets surveyed in 2010 and 2011, 24% read at the website each week, 11% each weekday. Of those who read a newspaper each week 58% only read a printed edition and 9% only read a newspaper at a website or at a newspaper hub (portal). The number of people that migrate between print and digital continues to show steady growth. Younger adults are the most likely to augment their print readership with reading at the website; 34% of adults 18-34 read a printed newspaper daily and 40% read at least a printed or online edition; 51% of adults 35+ read a printed edition and their total daily reach is 55%.

In order to understand how Canadians read daily newspapers today, NADbank in conjunction with Nielsen IMS and Telmar HMS developed a new single-source cross-platform media planning tool for the Canadian media industry. This tool provides total daily and weekly reach across two different newspaper distribution channels; thereby providing the ability to look at a newspaper’s brand footprint in the marketplace.

Today’s release of the 2011 Study provides members with access to newspaper readership results for 82 Canadian newspapers and 2 Detroit newspapers in 53 markets across Canada. Also available is readership information for 59 community newspapers in 34 markets. This database contains the readership habits of 72% of Canadian adults.

The 2011 Study will be released to NADbank members in two stages. Readership and demographic data are being released today, while product data will be released in May. Detailed readership results for the top six markets are attached.

NADbank is the principal research arm for the Canadian Daily Newspaper industry and a tripartite organization whose membership is comprised of daily newspapers, advertising agencies and media companies and advertisers. NADbank conducts annual readership, product, retail and lifestyle category studies in urban markets across Canada.

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