NewspaperDirect Selects ACAP for Digital Publishing Networks

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By: E&P Staff

NewspaperDirect Inc. is adopting the Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP) for its digital publication networks, giving its publishing partners more protection over their content.

ACAP is a non-proprietary, global permissions tool backed by the World Association of Newspapers, the European Publishers Council, and the International Publishers Association –and developed by publishers in collaboration with search engine vendors. It expands on the Robots Exclusion Protocol by introducing indexing instructions with a significantly higher levels of precision. Publishers will be able to to assign permissions and restrictions to individual sections of their Web pages, giving them more control of how their content is viewed and used.

“ACAP puts the control of content back into the hands of publishers where it belongs,” said NewspaperDirect CEO Alex Kroogman. “By implementing this proposed standard, we enable our publishing partners to expressly state permissions of access so that they can now offer free and paid content within the same publication, giving them more opportunities to increase readership and monetize their high value assets.”

While making the transition from print to digital, newspapers have often fought copyright infringement battles with search engines. NewspaperDirect claims that with ACAP, publishers can ?feel more secure that their content will be viewed and distributed according to their own terms and conditions, enabling them to focus on innovating to better monetize their online publications,? a release stated.

Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Chairman and CEO of NewspaperDirect publishing partner Impresa, said, “The future of the newspaper and magazine industry is more secure now thanks to ACAP. We can be sure that our content will be viewed and distributed according to our own terms and conditions. As a business we now feel that any investment and innovation in the field of digital publishing will be fairly rewarded. I am convinced that ACAP will very quickly become a universal standard and will benefit every player in the digital publishing world.”

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