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Online Newspapers Need To Figure Out What They Are

NEW ORLEANS – Standing in line at a fast-food restaurant when service
is anything but fast can be a trying experience. Especially when the
brand name Burger King or McDonald’s immediately makes the consumer
think ‘fast.’

Joe Calloway, author and producer of ‘Choose Success,’ gave the
newspaper industry a crash course in branding at the E&P Interactive
Newspapers Conference here.

A successful brand, according to Calloway, meets the needs of a
customer. Companies that offer brands of choice know who they are, what
they promise, and how to keep that promise.

After attending earlier conference sessions, Calloway sensed that
online newspapers have yet to really figure out what their primary goal
is. Other online companies often miss the mark in branding by
forgetting that technology is a means to the end and not the other way
around, he warned.

Calloway reminded the audience the Internet isn’t really another world.
The experience there are much like the experiences in real life (or
they should be) he said. For e-commerce applications, he recommends
walking through Macy’s and looking for the basics of shopping

Companies that find a successful brand are capable of saying two
things: ‘We know exactly who we are’ and ‘We convey it to the


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