Newspapers Run 8 of Top 20 Web News Domains

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By: E&P Staff

Eight of the top 20 news Web sites or groups in the U.S. during November were affiliated with newspapers, according to audience statistics from Nielsen//NetRatings.

The top sites in Nielsen//NetRatings’ Current Events & Global News category were CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo! News, AOL News, and Gannett Newspapers (excluding The Associated Press returns to the list for the first time this year.

Three individual newspaper sites were in the top 20:, and Newspaper chains on the list were Gannett, Tribune, Knight Ridder, Hearst and Advance.

Nielsen//NetRatings classifies news Web sites according to the media companies’ preferences; thus, some newspaper Web sites are counted individually in these rankings, while others are aggregated for a newspaper chainwide ranking.

The 4.2 million unique users recorded by Nielsen//NetRatings for the AP includes traffic that the news cooperative hosts for members using its Custom News service. “Many newspapers and broacasters have opted to have AP do the work of presenting national and international news, sports, etc., allowing them to concentrate on the core local news they do best,” said Mark Cardwell of AP Digital. “AP was in the Top 20 previously but dropped when Gannett, Knight-Ridder, etc. aggregated their traffic.”

The rankings of current events and news sites were based on a panel of 60,000-plus Americans accessing the Web at work and home.

One newspaper chain, E.W. Scripps, ranked in the top 20 of another Nielsen//NetRatings list — the directories/local guides category. All of Scripps Newspapers’ sites combined had 2 million unique users last month.

Nielsen//NetRatings is a joint service of VNU-owned Nielsen and NetRatings, which is majority-owned by VNU, the parent company of E&P.

Top 20 Current Events & Global News Sites
Unique AudienceTime Per Person
Brand or Channel(000)(hh:mm:ss)
Yahoo! News16,6970:25:50
AOL News15,3290:39:51
Gannett Newspapers8,6830:15:27
Tribune Newspapers8,0390:13:20
Knight Ridder Digital7,8020:12:58
Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc.7,5030:15:15
ABCNews Digital7,4400:13:21
Hearst Newspapers Digital4,3800:15:39
FOX News4,2610:31:25
Associated Press4,2020:05:19
CBS News4,1000:07:24
BBC News3,6870:08:50
MSN Slate3,5970:09:48
Advance Internet3,5570:16:30
Time Magazine3,5160:04:15
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings. Data based on audience measurement of more than 60,000 U.S. panelists with home and work Net access. November 2003

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