Newspapers Trounce Google News

By: Jennifer Saba

Google appears unstoppable in just about every context except for this one: In May, Nielsen Online’s current events and global news destination top 30 list shows that two newspaper companies and one newspaper beat Google News in users. (The data is based on U.S.-based home and work use.)

Taken collectively, Tribune Newspapers outranked Google News by several million unique visitors. Tribune’s monthly traffic in May was 16.2 million uniques, while Google News’ was 11.3. Gannett’s newspaper division pulled in 14.6 million uniques. Even better, delivered a whopping 21.3 million in May.

Nielsen Online (owned by The Nielsen Co., as is E&P) says that some newspapers on the list, like the NYT, are separate, while others are grouped by company because it takes into account how the marketplace views it. USA Today, for example, is broken out from Gannett Newspapers on the list.

Several other newspapers and groups round out the list, including and the McClatchy Newspaper Network. Yahoo News ranks No. 1 on the list, with 35.8 million uniques. That’s good news for the more than 750 papers involved in the newspaper alliance that will surely benefit from sending content and links to Yahoo.

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