By: Lisa Granatstein

Group To Seek Links With Other Washington Post Properties

(Mediaweek) In an effort to create brand extensions and cross-media
buying opportunities for Newsweek, worldwide publisher/executive
vice president Greg Osberg has set up a new sales-development
unit to be headed by Chicago-based director of sales development
Bill Youngberg, most recently director of national accounts. “To
build out brand extensions, you need a very agile and creative
group working with your sales organization,” Osberg says. “Our
approach is going to be very customized.”

The new unit will seek out links for Newsweek advertisers
with other media entities, including properties owned by
Newsweek parent the Washington Post Co.

Among the division’s first priorities will be to expand an
existing partnership between Newsweek, NBC, MSNBC and In June, Newsweek, The Washington Post, and NBC
began sharing content; last month, the relationship expanded to
include some cross-selling to advertisers. In one deal,
Newsweek and sold a combined package to Chrysler
involving post-election coverage. The goal is to broaden the
cross-media effort to include the MSNBC cable network and
possibly NBC.

“We’re at the next evolution of this partnership, moving forward
with creative advertising opportunities for our respective client
bases,” Peggy White, vice president of sales and business
development for MSNBC, says of the initiative with
Newsweek. “This is the first time a ‘nonfamily member’ is
engaging with us.”

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