NNA Appoints Community Journalism ‘Point Man’

By: E&P Staff

The National Newspaper Association today announced that it has appointed University of North Carolina professor Jock Lauterer as its point person on community journalism.

Lauterer is currently a lecturer in community journalism and news writing at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is also the director of the school?s Carolina Community Media Project, an outreach program that has contacts with 192 small-town newspapers in North Carolina.

In his new role for the NNA, Lauterer will specialize in community journalism newsroom issues, complementing the association’s specialists in postal service, public policy, and legal issues.

“I?m delighted to be a part of the NNA,” Lauterer told UNC News Services. “I believe so strongly in the fundamental importance of great newspapers and their Web sites because they play a critical role in the promotion and maintenance of civic life and high livability in a free and democratic society.”

A UNC graduate, Lauterer worked for 15 years as co-founder, editor, and publisher of newspapers in Marion and Forest City, North Carolina. After spending 10 years as an associate professor at Penn State, he returned to teach at his alma mater in 2001.

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