NNN Launches New Model for Pharmaceutical Advertisers

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By: E&P Staff

The Newspaper National Network (NNN) announced the launch of a new model that allows pharmaceutical companies to target consumers by geography rather than by demographics.

Called GeoTargeting, the NNN draws on data from a variety of places like IMS Health and Scarborough to give advertisers detailed information by market. The idea is to tailor media strategies for medicines that require prescriptions (also known as DTC or direct to consumer).

According to Jason Klein, president and CEO of NNN, GeoTargeting focuses on markets — down to the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) level — to glean such data like the health care of the area and HMO reimbursement patterns.

?It’s a new way to pinpoint how newspapers can build a return on investment for pharmaceutical companies,? Klein said in a statement. ?Newspapers are an ideal medium for pharmaceutical companies because readers are receptive to detailed information.?

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