By: Joe Nicholson

NAA Subsidiary Partners With New York Firm

In an alliance that could boost sales of newspaper Web ads,
National Newspaper Network (NNN) has formed a partnership with a
New-York-based firm that specializes in online advertising. NNN,
a subsidiary of the Newspaper Association of America, said its
sales force will be trained, beginning next week, by Global
Network Inc. (GNI), which is equipped to work with 300 newspaper
Web sites, most in major markets.

GNI was formed two years ago and has placed ads from some 15
national campaigns on about 100 newspaper Web sites, including
those of most of the nation’s biggest newspaper companies. GNI,
with only a few sales representatives, hopes to substantially
boost business with the help of about 15 NNN sales reps. Last
year NNN handled almost $200 million in print business. New York-
based NNN expects to offer its customers and prospects a hassle-
free opportunity to place both Web and print ads with newspapers.

NNN President and General Manager Nicholas Cannistraro Jr. said,
“We’ve been looking to work with an online counterpart to deliver
a one-stop-shop for an integrated advertising network.” Bob
Watson, NNN’s senior vice president of marketing and media, told
E&P Online that the new alliance “enables us to approach accounts
that may have limited interest in ROP advertising. We can sell
them on newspaper Web sites.” He called the partnership “a
perfect marriage.”

GNI can provide rates for newspaper Web ads and it has
proprietary technology that can place ads onto newspaper Web
sites. GNI president and CEO Jim Mason said NNN “offers us an
existing client base and knowledge of the agencies and a good
relationship with all the newspapers.” Mason, a former newspaper
and magazine sales executive, told E&P Online that Web ad sales
were “harder only because the Web is newer and ad agencies are
generally traditional and shy away from anything new.”

But Mason said advertisers are attracted by the youth, high
education, and high income of newspaper Web viewers. He said
newspaper Web advertising sales were “coming along at a steady

Joe Nicholson (jnicholson@editorandpublisher.com) is an associate editor covering marketing and advertising for E&P.

Copyright 2001, Editor & Publisher.

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