No Caucus For Journos, ‘Dallas Morning News’ Says

By: E&P Staff

Newsroom employees can’t participate in the caucus part of Tuesday’s primary in Texas, The Dallas Morning News says.

In the so-called “Texas Two-Step” primaries, voters can vote twice, once in a traditional election that picks some party delegates, and again in the evening when other delegates are picked by a caucus system in which voters publicly commit to a candidate.

In a memo to employees, Managing Editor George Rodrigue said it’s okay for newsroom employees to vote in the primary, but not to participate in the caucus part.

Company policy is that newsroom employees can and should exercise their right to vote, but should not participate as activists, organizers, etc.,” he wrote. “So this is a tough call.”

In the end, he said, “The caucus just might be seen as a step into activism, and we don’t want to create false impressions that way.”

However, he said it is okay for spouses of newsroom employees to participate in the caucuses.

Newspapers have come down on different sides on the issue of caucus participation. Last month, for instance, when Colorado held party caucuses, journalists at the Denver Post were not forbidden from participating, but Editor Greg Moore told employees: “Honestly, I would prefer you didn’t.”

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