No ‘Doonesbury’ Winner Yet

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By: Dave Astor

There have been more than 1,500 contest entries, but no one has yet won the $10,000 Garry Trudeau offered to any person who could prove George W. Bush served in the National Guard in Alabama in 1972.

Trudeau made the offer in his “Doonesbury” comic last month (Trudeau Puts His Money Where His Comic Is).

Meanwhile, readers going to can vote on a runner-up prize for most entertaining contest entry. The first-place winner will receive the Feb. 26 “Doonesbury” comic signed by Trudeau, the second-place winner a copy of “Got War?” (the latest “Doonesbury” collection), and the third-place winner a “fully functional Duke swizzle stick.”

Trudeau, who is reportedly a 2004 Pulitzer Prize finalist, creates “Doonesbury” for more than 1,400 papers via Universal Press Syndicate.

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