Norwegian Regional Publisher to Run Saxotech Mediaware Center

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By: E&P Staff

Saxotech, Aalborg, Denmark, and Tampa, Fla., announced that Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen (GD), an independent regional media company based in Lillehammer, Norway, has selected the Saxotech Mediaware Center as the publishing technology for its newspapers, Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen and Norddalen.

GD has chosen the content management system to enable tight collaboration between its properties and to maximize use of all available resources. The Saxotech Mediaware Center will bring together GD print and digital publishing with the aim of improving planning, streamlining workflows and lowering operating costs.

In a statement, Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen CEO Jon Kristiansen said media and marketplace shifts “were the main drivers for exploring more efficient editorial systems that take advantage of layout-driven production and geometries.”

The move to a single, distributed architecture will provide GD with a common technology platform to streamline its business processes in the newsroom and still independently plan, create, edit and publish the day’s news, according to Saxotech. The system will give GD a real-time view of the latest version of every page in production and its elements across all its print products. Content producers and editors will be able to plan stories and manage content based on resource availability and publish to various channels from one.

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