NY ‘Daily News’ Team Pens Book on Clemens and Steroids — Coming Tomorrow

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By: Joe Strupp

The sports investigative team at the Daily News of New York has penned a scathing book on famed pitcher Roger Clemens, which is due out on Tuesday.

“American Icon: The Fall Of Roger Clemens And The Rise Of Steroids In America’s Pastime” is described as portraying former New York Yankee Clemens as “both a compromised player and a person of questionable conduct, a man destroyed by his own pride, dishonesty, and judgment,” a Daily News release states.

It adds that the book “explores Clemens’s use of banned substances, details his dalliances with women, and suggests that he may have perjured himself while testifying before Congress.”

Published by Knopf, the book is the combined work of Daily News scribes Teri Thompson, Nathaniel Vinton, Michael O’Keeffe, and Christian Red.

“No player in baseball’s long and rich history has fallen from grace as fast and as far as Roger Clemens,” the authors write. “Clemens’s fall is straight out of Greek mythology: The very traits that made him dominant on the pitcher’s mound, his tenacity and mercilessness, contributed to and possibly even caused his downfall.”

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