‘NY Post’ Gets 1,800 eBay Ads; ‘Daily News’ Gloats

By: Joe Strupp

EBay sellers are attempting to profit from yesterday’s classic error-covered New York Post, with more than 1,800 ads at the auction site offering the likely collector’s item for sale. Some bids had topped $50.

Many of the eBay listings claimed this was a “rare” blunder, which must please the Post.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News made clear to readers Wednesday that it would make hay over the Post’s major blunder on Tuesday, when the Post mistakenly reported that Sen. John Kerry had chosen Rep. Richard Gephardt as his running mate.

The Daily News made the most of its fellow tabloid’s mistake, offering a shot at the Post’s previous goof in its own Wednesday headline, which declared “KERRY’S REAL CHOICE.” The subhead stated “N.C. Sen. John Edwards will be the Democratic veep candidate,” then adding “and the Post is wrong again.”

The Daily News then took several swipes inside, with a full page of stories on the other tabloid’s flub, which included references to the Post’s poor credibility rating in a recent poll, reaction from journalism and political leaders nationwide, and a reminder of several previous Post errors, including an October 2003 editorial wrongly congratulating the Boston Red Sox for beating the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series.

An editorial urging the Post not to fire Editor-in-Chief Col Allan also ran in the Daily News, arguing “so what if Allan has again made the Post a laughing stock, don’t let any of that disturb you Mr. [Rupert] Murdoch. Allan’s prodigious pratfalls and capacity for flouting journalistic conventions are wonders to behold.” Murdoch’s company owns the Post.

Further tweaking Allan and friends, Daily News staffers brought a case of champagne from Australia, Allan and Murdoch’s native country, to the Post’s offices Tuesday with a note congratulating the paper on its exclusive.

Post officials referred calls to a public relations agency and would not say if the gaffe had dramatically bumped up single-copy sales for Tuesday.

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