‘NY Times’ Magazine Will Include College Essay Winner

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By: Joe Strupp

Among the stories and columns in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine will be one from an author who is likely less-experienced in journalism than the others.

Nicholas Handler, whose piece examines today’s college experience, is a college student himself and winner of the Times’ college essay contest. The Yale University junior’s essay will be part of a special college-themed issue in the Sept. 30 magazine.

Handler won the college essay contest that was launched in July. Applicants were asked to write an essay in response to one by author and historian Rick Perlstein, a Times release stated. Perlstein?s article, which was available online at NYTimes.com/essay, compared the college culture of today with the 1960?s and 1970?s. Some 600 essays were received by the magazine; the winner and four finalists were chosen by editors.

Handler?s essay, titled ?The Posteverything Generation,? will be published along with Perlstein?s article, ?What?s the Matter with College??

The contest’s four finalists are: Liz Addison of Southern Maine Community College; Max Lance and Frankie Thomas of the University of Southern California; and Travis Weinger of the University of California, San Diego.

“Each offered a distinct viewpoint about Mr. Perlstein?s provocative article, whether they agreed or disagreed with his thesis,” the paper’s release said. “From extolling the benefits of community college to lamenting the lackadaisical education one finalist said he had received at a prestigious university, the finalists offered incisive analysis as well as personal anecdotes to bolster their arguments.”

?We were very impressed by the quality and diversity of the essays we reviewed,? Jim Schachter, the magazine’s deputy editor said in a statement. ?We read passionate and articulate arguments for and against Rick?s thesis from an incredibly broad group of students. While their feelings about college may have been different, they were all united by a shared interest in debate and intellectual argument that was terrific to see.?

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