‘NY Times’ Scribe Withholds Byline on Page One Story — Then OKs It

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By: Joe Strupp

If you saw Barry Bearak’s Page One story in The New York Times about Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe online late Tuesday or in some early Wednesday print editions, you might not have known he wrote it.

As often happens with foreign correspondents on potentially dangerous assignments, Bearak requested that his name be withheld. But, according to a Times spokeswoman, the byline was later added to the Web site on Wednesday and to some late print editions.

“We withheld Barry Bearak’s name at his request as a security precaution,” Diane McNulty, Times executive director of community affairs and media relations, told E&P in an e-mail. “But as more Western journalists used their bylines and as the story grew more prominent, Barry felt it was time to use his byline, which appeared in the latest editions of the newspaper.”

The story also ran with a Reuters photo by Emmanuel Chitate, whose photo credit was not withheld.

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