‘NY Times’ Sunday Preview: Annual New Ideas Issue, Featuring ‘The Beer-Gut Flask’ and ‘The E. Coli Wipe’

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By: E&P Staff

It’s December, so that means the arrival of one of our favorite editions of The New York Times Magazine, coming this Sunday: The Year in Ideas.

The 6th annual issue includes 74 brilliant/wacko schemes, including:

— The Beer-Gut Flask, which would let you tuck at leastr a six-pack under an oversized shirt, and as Joe Lovell notes, “look no different from any fun-loving American fending off morbid obesity.”

–Hyperopia, an “excess of farsightedness.”

–The Gyroball, allegedly in the arsenal of soon-to-arrive Japanese superstar pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.


–The YouTube Referee Indictment

— The Wheelchair Car

— Spit Art

— The Humane Flophouse

— Homephily

— The Comb That Listens

And much more.

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