‘NY Times’ Sunday Preview: Sex in Iraq

By: E&P Staff

In an interview that will appear in this Sunday’s New York Times magazine, Kayla Williams, a former Army sergeant and author of a new book, talks frankly about an often taboo subject relating to the American experience in Iraq: sex. Williams reveals, for example, that among her fellow soldiers a ?lot of girls got sent home pregnant.?

The Army’s rules on sexual activity is not covered in General Order No. 1A, but her personal chain of command instructed married troops not to fool around, ?and if you’re not married, just don’t get caught.? The General Order does say that members of the military can’t drink alcohol or possess pornography, ?which everyone does anyhow,? she says.

As for male soldiers taking an interest in her (she is unmarried), ?I just couldn’t believe that guys would hit on me when I was the dirtiest that I ever was in life.? In her book, she describes soldiers tossing rocks at her, aiming for her breasts, but she points out that they ?also throw rocks at each other’s penises for fun. It was very strange to see.?

Her book is titled ?Love My Rifle More Than You.?

In the interview, Williams also criticizes a lack of equipment for soldiers and admits she sexually taunted an Iraqi prisoner in Mosul.

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