‘NY Times’ Sunday Preview: Special Poll Asks, Would You Date a Republican?

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By: E&P Staff

Almost one in three Democrats in New York City say they would never date a Republican, and one in four Republicans there feel the same way about Democrats. These and other quirky findings emerge from a special poll of 1,011 New Yorkers released in this coming Sunday’s New York Times Sunday Magazine, with analysis by John Tierney and Christoper Buckley.

Other findings:

* Donald Trump trumps Al Sharpton by almost 2-1 for “worst hair” in the Big Apple.

* 28% claim they would move to the suburbs “only under penalty of death.”

* In the upcoming New York Senate race, slightly more New Yorkers expect Jeanine Pirro’s husband to embarrass her than Hillary Clinton’s hubby.

* Asked which animal would make the best mascot for the city, 12% said “rat.”

* “Ambition” was picked as the best quality of New Yorkers, and “impatience” the worst (these may overlap, of course).

* Asked what size building should be erected at Ground Zero, more than half said any size “as long as they stop arguing about it.”

* 56% call themselves Demccrats, only 12% Republicans.

* 78% agree with the statement that “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.”

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