‘NY Times’ Sunday Preview: The Stephen Colbert Interview

By: E&P Staff

In an interview for this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, Stephen Colbert, a star/writer at “The Daily Show,” says, “We’re just trying to ease the pain of people who feel the world is going insane and no one is noticing.”

Colbert, who is about to launch his own Comedy Central program, “The Colbert Report,” tells the Times that his persona on the new show is merely that of a fake correspondent who has been promoted to the anchor chair but is still “a well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot.”

Although The Daily Show has gotten an increasingly harder political edge, Colbert claims the show has “no political objective,” which is death to a comedian. He compares the show to “Cortaid.”

He also reveals that he is a Catholic church goer, lost several members of his family as a child (which he generally doesn’t talk about), considers himself “oddly normative,” and doesn’t let his children watch him on TV because he doesn’t want them to think of him as a performer. He says he tells him he makes his living as a chiropodist.

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